Shas Says 'No Opposition' to Retaliation Against Rocket Fire

‘There is no coalition and opposition when it comes to protecting Israeli citizens,’ Shas leader declares.

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Chana Ya'ar, Maayana Miskin,

Eli Yishai
Eli Yishai
Flash 90

Shas co-chairman and MK Eli Yishai says when it comes to retaliating against Gaza terrorists for rocket fire on southern Israel, his party is not in the Opposition.

Yishai expressed his party's full support on Wednesday for government retaliation against rocket fire emanating from Gaza following a double rocket attack on the southern Israeli city of Sderot -- the second such attack in as many days.

“When it comes to protecting Israeli citizens there is no opposition and there is no coalition,” said Yishai, one of three heads of the party he headed alone during the previous Netanyahu administration, in which he served as interior minister.

“We must not go back to the time when Israel treated rocket fire on the south as an inevitable reality,” he warned, saying that Israel should respond as if the city of Hadera in central Israel had come under attack.

“Concern for citizens’ lives and security should be equal regardless of their place of residence,” he said, adding, “We need to calm things down, but also to respond with force to any attempt to hurt Israel’s citizens and impinge on Israeli sovereignty.”

In addition to the attacks on southern Israel this week, Gaza terrorists had also fired on Israel during the recent visit to Israel by United States President Barack Obama.

The IDF responded to the attack on Tuesday with pinpoint strikes on two terror targets, the first such retaliation in Gaza since the truce that ended the November 2012 counter terror Operation Pillar of Defense.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon warned in a statement Wednesday morning that Israel views Gaza's ruling Hamas terrorist organization as responsible for all rocket fire from Gaza, and that Israel will respond to fire on its territory.