Musicians Unite Voices, Cry Out: Free Pollard

New clip joins worldwide efforts to bring to the release of Jonathan Pollard, in light of President Obama's upcoming visit to Israel.

Yoni Kempinski,

Jonathan Pollard
Jonathan Pollard
Arutz Sheva / Flash 90

Naftali Kalfa and Beni Elbaz produced a simple but powerful clip calling for the release of Jonathan Pollard. "The message is one of fairness and justice", explains Kalfa, "Ahead of President Obama’s visit to Israel we decided, Elbaz and myself, to unite voices in a call for justice for Jonathan. The message is - "Free Jonathan Pollard Now!" - we all know how disproportionate and unfair his prison sentence is. If he is not released now, then when?"

The song was composed by Naftali Kalfa and produced by Danny Sivan & Beni Elbaz. Guitar by Shlomi Cohen.