Leftists to Obama: Speak at Rabin Square

As Israeli Left prepares to meet its hero, nationalists want Obama to speak in Samaria.

Rochel Sylvetsky & Gil Ronen ,

Rabin Square Demonstration
Rabin Square Demonstration
Flash 90

Israeli leftists want U.S. President Barack Obama to address Israelis at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv when he visits Israel next month.

Members of a group called Hamachaneh Hameshutaf said that they have already relayed an informal request to the White House and will hand a formal request to the U.S. Ambassador in Israel. In addition, they said, they have asked President Shimon Peres to cooperate with them and to take part in a rally that is planned to coincide with Obama's visit.

Leftists see Obama as their hero, in Israel as in the United States.

In response to the leftist initiative, nationalists are calling on Obama to address a rally in Samaria instead of Tel Aviv.

"It is more logical that he would speak in Samaria, the true center of Israel," a spokesperson for the yet-unnamed group said Monday.

"If 50,000 people join us, Obama will calm down and will not listen to the madness of the Left, so let's try to do something truly big here, and destroy the Left's plans," he said.