'Color Red' Solidarity Rally at 6pm in Tel Aviv

"Wear Red!” urged the Eshkol Regional Council on Thursday morning. “Show your solidarity with the residents of the south.”

Chana Ya'ar,

Wear red to show solidarity with the south
Wear red to show solidarity with the south
courtesy Eshkol Regional Council/MivzakLive

"Wear Red!” the Eshkol Regional Council urged today (Thursday). “Show your solidarity with the residents of the south.”

In a campaign posted by MivzakLive Color Red on the Facebook social networking site, southern Israeli residents called on their fellow citizens to join them in a protest against the constant rocket attacks from Gaza.

The rally is set for 6:00 p.m. Thursday evening at the Sharona Park in Tel Aviv, across from the IDF's Kirya central military base.

Residents of the Gaza Belt communities, including those in the Eshkol Regional Council district and others nearby, are planning to deliver one united message, they said: "We are not willing to accept this kind of life. Even one Qassam rocket is one too many. The government of Israel must bring quiet to the area.”

According to a report released Sunday by the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), terror attacks were significantly more frequent in October than in September. There were a total of 166 attacks during the month, compared to 91 the month before.

The increase was due to rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza. Terrorists fired a total of 116 rockets at Israel during October. Gaza terrorists attacked Israel with their 611th rocket this year on Sunday, and media continue to ignore the missile strikes – so long as there are no injuries or damage. The rocket attack on Sunday struck in the early morning in the Western Negev and caused no physical damage or damage.

However, the daily trauma of children having to run for shelters, often in the middle of the night or while at nursery and other schools, is rarely reported. With the exception of Arutz Sheva, most media outlets usually tell their readers of attacks only when there serious injuries, or death.

Organizers of the Color Red demonstration said the rally is expected to attract hundreds from around the country to protest the attacks in solidarity with their brethren who are living under the threat of daily rocket fire from Gaza terrorists.