Qassam: No Injuries, No Damage and No Report

Gaza terrorists continue to attack Israel, and media continue to ignore rocket strikes – so long as there are no injuries or damage.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu ,

Soldier holds the remains of a rocket
Soldier holds the remains of a rocket
AFP photo

Gaza terrorists attack Israel with their 611th rocket this year on Sunday, and media continue to ignore the missile strikes – so long as there are no injuries or damage.

Sunday’s Qassam rocket struck in the early morning in the Western Negev and caused no physical damage or damage. The daily trauma of children having to run for shelters, often in the middle of the night or while at nursery and other schools, is rarely reported.

Except for Arutz Sheva, most media outlets usually tell their readers of attacks only when there serious injuries, or death.

Sunday’s attack also was all but ignored except for news briefs or an article of two paragraphs.

More than 150 rockets were fired into Israel last month, according to the IDF. 

After each missile explosion, the military routinely has stated for years, “The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm Israeli civilians, and will operate against anyone who uses terror against the State of Israel.”

In practice, more than 800 rockets – more than two a day – have been launched at Israel since the beginning of 2012.

There has not been one month this year without rocket attacks. The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) reported that terrorists from Hamas-controlled Gaza fired nine rockets and seven mortar shells at Israel in January, and 36 rockets and one mortar shell in February.

The attacks escalated in March, with 173 rockets and 19 mortar shells, followed by “only” eight rockets in April and three in May.

Terrorists resumed an escalation in June with 83 rockets and 11 mortar shells, and three shoot attacks on Israeli soldiers, followed by 18 rockets and nine mortar shells in July, 21 rockets and thee mortar shells in August and 17 rockets and eight mortar shells two months ago.