Migron Evictee: Press Mikes were the Worst Part

In exclusive interview: mother of six cries when describing how the security forces entered her home.

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Adina Emmett,

Deitch Family Evicted From Migron
Deitch Family Evicted From Migron
Arutz Sheva

One of the hardest things about the actual expulsion of Jews from their homes in Migron, says one resident, was the massive amount of press and cameras that swarmed around them, clicking pictures and putting microphones in their faces, as soon as their family opened their door to leave peacefully.  

Aviella Deitch, her husband, and six children, residents of Migron, had several meetings with the community on how to respond to the eviction orders that were to be slapped and taped onto their doors due to an Israeli High Court ruling.  
Deitch gave an exclusive interview with Arutz Sheva's Tamar Yonah on her News & Views radio program on Monday, the day after the expulsion.  

Deitch explained that the community of Migron had several meetings where they debated on whether they should leave peacefully or not. After listening to all sides, it was decided that the residents would leave without fighting or violence. Some would walk out peacefully to save their children from trauma, and others would sit in their homes and remain stationary in a non-violent protest. They would have to be carried away. 

At one point during the interview, Deitch began to cry when describing how the security forces entered her home.

The family was all together as the police came through the door. Re-living the moment, she said, "They came in very politely." It was still very difficult and emotional for the family. They spoke with the police explaining they needed a few minutes to gather some of their things. When the time came where they had to leave their home, the press had swarmed and converged at their front door. 

Deitch told Yonah, "When we walked out of that house, there was such a humongous crowd, that I don't even know how to describe my feelings at that point. The army wasn't terrifying for me, the police were not terrifying for me, the photographers were terrifying, and they terrified my children... and they were aggressive... brutal... some of them were down right nasty."    

The residents were subsequently bused to the nearby community of Ofra where they are waiting until the mobile homes the government brought in, down the hill from Migron, are ready. Deitch then described the conditions they were temporarily living in, until the government will need to move them yet again.  
Trying to be optimistic, Deitch stated, "This is the beginning.  There will be two 'Migrons' -- at least. We are moving to the bottom neighborhood, and we will return [one day] to the top neighborhood."  

"Secondly, if Binyamin Netanyahu or Benny Begin or any of the Likud -- barring our dear friends, and we do have some in the Likud, think for one moment that we have forgotten that this is absolutely resting on their shoulders, they will absolutely feel the backlash of it at the next election."

For the full interview, to hear the voice, emotion, and details of what took place, and to find out about the living conditions the evictees of Migron are now experiencing, click HERE.  

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