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  • Shifra Hoffman on Yom Haatzmaut
  • Walter Bingham Protest Report
  • Rally Against Terrorist Release
  • History Moment - Ethiopia Jewry
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  • ROI Summit Unites Young Jews

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Tamar's Last Radio Show / Tamar Yonah show

Tamar says goodbye to her former guests, show hosts, and listeners!    

Tue, Oct 28
Gog & Magog / Tamar Yonah show

Is the stage being set today for the end-time scenario of an international coalition against Israel?

Mon, Oct 27

An Israeli Beauty Queen tells all, and Jerusalem heats up.    

Mon, Oct 27
Abracadabra! / Tamar Yonah show

A book that has opened up a new genre for fiction -but based on the Bible!


Mon, Oct 20

Jews are being barred on the Temple Mount and the city of Bet Shemesh may want a divorce from itself. Why?

Sun, Oct 19
Politically Incorrect Sukkot / Tamar Yonah show

Tamar talks with Jews from all over who made sukkahs from Jerusalem all the way to Afghanistan!

Sun, Oct 12
Life in an Israeli Prison / Tamar Yonah show
If you're sentenced to prison, how can you celebrate the holidays?
Sun, Oct 05
Do Beards make You Smarter? / Tamar & Tovia Dynamite

To shave, or not to shave, that is the question.  Tovia & Tamar discuss the advantages of beards & more.

Wed, Oct 01

 Bibi's speech: Based on fantasy and wishful thinking?     

Tue, Sep 30

U.S. Prisons: What is it like to be a Jew behind bars?    

Mon, Sep 29
Secrets of Rosh HaShana / Tamar Yonah show

Make this year's prayers REALLY meaningful and make it right with G-d and the world.

Wed, Sep 24
Gazans Speak Out / Tamar Yonah show

After the Gazan war, do the Arabs there hate Hamas or Israel more?        

Mon, Sep 22
Stories From The Battlefield / Tamar Yonah show

Dividing Jerusalem, Economic Jihad and Can the Kurds Save the Day by fighting ISIS?

Sun, Sep 21
Gaza Has Broken the Ceasefire / Tamar & Tovia Dynamite

Reports show the rebuilding of tunnels and a mortar attack on Israel. Hamas has broken the ceasefire

Wed, Sep 17
Evolution vs. the Bible / Tamar Yonah show

If the Bible is true, then what about dinosaurs, cave men and scientific dating back millions of years?

Tue, Sep 16
Killing Your Way to the Top / Tamar Yonah show

It all has to do with terror, blood, cut off heads, oil, and money, to fuel their bloody war machine.

Mon, Sep 15
Good Guys/Bad Guys / Tamar Yonah show

Tamar breaks it down, who the good guys are, who the bad guys are, and how far society has sunk!

Sun, Sep 14
Why Can't News Be Boring? / Tamar & Tovia Dynamite

What do radio show hosts in Luxembourg talk about on the news, anyway? 

Wed, Sep 10

The Arab/Islamic world brought closer, to understand the threat on the West.   

Tue, Sep 09
Yesh Atid or the Haredim? / Tamar Yonah show

Coalitions & Beheadings              

Sun, Sep 07