Minister Hershkowitz: Israel Has Room for Everyone

“We need you here to help build the homeland of the Jewish people,” said Minister Hershkowitz to pre-army olim.

Avraham Venismach ,

Minister Hershkowitz (middle) & Aliyah Fever
Minister Hershkowitz (middle) & Aliyah Fever
photo credit: Avraham Venismach

“There is room for everybody! You know, we need all the abilities, all the talents.... anything you can do, we need you here to help build the homeland of the Jewish people,” was the personal message of Israel’s Minister of Science and Technology, Rabbi Professor Daniel Hershkowitz on his annual visit to Keshet Yehuda Pre-Military Academy in the Golan Heights.

Keshet Yehuda gives “Hizuk” (strength) to the over 130 young men that come to prepare for their upcoming Israeli military service. Israel is fast becoming the leader in many economic areas, literally from the ground up; agriculture to high tech and everything in between.

While many countries are suffering from “brain drain," a term used when the best of the best are looking elsewhere to apply their mental powers, Israel on the other hand is experiencing a “brain gain” and it’s no wonder with all that is going on here. The good minister can attest to that fact sitting on top of all the high tech.

Minister Hershkowitz is not alone in his confident outlook. Rachel Berger who is the “Employment Maven” for Nefesh B’Nefesh, an organization responsible for bringing thousands of Jews from North America to Israel each year as “Olim Chadashim” (new immigrants) had this to say: “Most olim are employed six to nine months after they come.” Nefesh B’Nefesh reports a 97% retention rate; that means you have an almost certain chance of succeeding, not only in finding job…but a great future. For Rachel's full interview download this week's epsiode of Aliyah Fever by clicking here.

Israel used to be synonymous with “unemployment” or “very difficult life”. It was a very common Jewish household statement to someone who was thinking about moving to Israel to say, “How will you make a living over there?” “Are you crazy?! There a no jobs over there, how will you support a family...” and so on. The tables have turned. With the U.S. and European economies, “al hapanim,” Hebrew for “on its face”, many Jews are now looking at Israel with a new pair of glasses and respect. They are seeing Israel as the best place to find work and a good life filled with meaning. Israel is moving leaps and bounds going from a dry barren desert to an oasis of plenty. With the new natural gas energy discoveries off the coast to new innovation in all sectors, one can see Israel as the "Jewish Dream."

Back in 2005 I came to Israel at the age of 45. We came with the belief that Israel is the Land of Opportunity for Jews. We felt only here can we reach our true potential and make it. Aliyah Fever will be focusing on Jobs for Jews in Israel for the month, you will hear from the movers and shakers of getting Jobs for Jews in Israel, learn how to get a job in Israel, where to get more information about looking for a job, how to use the social media, jobs for people age 40 and over and more.

For full coverage of this issue download the latest episode of Arutz Sheva's Aliyah Fever podcast by clicking here.

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