Egypt: 76 Convicted in Attack on Israeli Embassy

An Egyptian court convicts 76 people on charges of attacking the Israeli embassy during a violent protest last year.

Elad Benari ,

Riot at Israeli embassy in Cairo
Riot at Israeli embassy in Cairo
Israel news photo: Flash 90

An Egypt court convicted 76 people on Sunday, on charges of attacking the Israeli embassy last year. During the attack, parts of the embassy were lit on fire and documents thrown from the windows.

According to a report in Bikya Masr, the court handed 75 of the Egyptians one-year suspended sentences, while one of the defendants was given a five-year prison sentence while in absentia.

The charges against the 76 included “an assault against diplomatic missions” and “sabotage,” the report said.

The Israeli embassy was stormed in September 2011 by protesters who were angry over the killing of Egyptian guards by Israeli troops, while they were pursuing terrorists.

The Egyptian army guarding the embassy clashed with protesters in what turned into an all night fight between the two sides.

The embassy’s security guards were trapped in the building as the protesters stormed the embassy. Egyptian commandos rescued them at the last minute, after intervention by President Barack Obama.