Rescued Israeli Guards Flown to TA from Cairo

"If this doesn't end well, please tell my parents in person", asked head of security before Egyptian commandos got them out of Embassy.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Protesters in Cairo knock down wall around Is
Protesters in Cairo knock down wall around Is
Israel News photo: YouTube screenshot

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke personally three times during the night to the security guards trapped in the besieged Israeli Embassy, in Cairo with only a metal door separating them from the mob that had destroyed the building's security barrier and managed to climb up to a waiting room.

Channel 10 reported that one of those holed up in the building, the chief security officer in the embassy, had asked the prime minister to be sure that if the incident ends badly, his parents are informed in person and not by telephone.

"You are an exceptional human being", answered Netanyahu. "And those with you are wonderful. We will do everything to get you out safely."

The Prime MInister and those present in the situation room with him all night saw the rescue through the security cameras. "It was a very moving moment", said those present.

The six embassy workers were rescued during the night from the encircled compound by Egyptian commandos. They were brought to the Cairo airport and flown to Tel Aviv along with all the embassy personnel, barring one diplomat who stayed to represent Israel in Egypt.

The rioters set fire to two of the security vehicles that were parked at the embassy.