Jewish Star Winner Releases Hebrew Cover

Jewish Star 2012 winner Dovid Moskovits has released Sa'eni Nah, a Hebrew cover of the song "You Raise Me Up".

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Dovid Moskovits
Dovid Moskovits

The 2012 winner of the A Jewish Star singing competitio Dovid Moskovits has released a new song, Sa’eni Nah (“Lift Me Up” in Hebrew). 

Written by Zvika Bornstein with music by Rolf Lovland, Moskovits' song marks the first time that the song “You Raise Me Up” has been covered in Hebrew. The touching lyrics transcend language and culture, speaking words of solace and comfort that are universal.

Sa’eni Nah is simultaneously haunting yet hopeful, as the poignant lyrics describe how children through the ages have endured tremendous suffering and tribulations, yet have been comforted by the knowledge that they are never alone, even at their darkest hour.

Dovid’s soaring vocals give voice to the trials and heartache of Jewish children over the years, with a particular nod to the children of the Holocaust.  The haunting violins, reminiscent of the noted musicians of Auschwitz, and the pictures of children who endured the horrors of World War II only serve as a stark reminder that despite the passage of generations, these children of yesteryear are forever linked to today’s youth, who still feel their pain.

Sa’eni Nah, produced by Zvika Bornstein with musical arrangement by Nochi Krohn, is about the timeless solace that has helped children endure for centuries, knowing that even in the bleakest situations, they are never alone.

The music video is directed by Aaron Orian, and produced by Danny Finkelman.

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