How a Vietnam Vet Became an Israeli Adventurer

Would you like to meet a Jerusalem man who fought in Vietnam, spent time on an Israeli kibbutz, served in the UN, and more?

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Ben Bresky,

Sender Bransome
Sender Bransome

Would you like to meet a man who fought in the Vietnam war, spent time on an Israeli kibbutz, served in the United Nations as a representative of the United States Marine Corps, served as a UN observer on the Lebanon border, worked with explosives off US coastal waters, owns part of a diamond quarry which he works to this day, trims branches off trees overhanging sukkahs, and works as a lifeguard at the Dead Sea?
Well, Sender Bransome is all this, plus a proud Jew who claims to have solid proof of G-d's existence. Tune in to meet this septuagenarian Jerusalem resident with more energy than men half his age. Mr. Bransome spoke with Israel National Radio's Judy Simon on the Life Lessons podcast about his life.

Even though the Marine Corps knew of his Jewishness, the United Nations did not and frowned upon a Jewish person with an Israeli connection serving in the region. 
"I went to Cairo and Petra and Beirut but I was always worried someone would speak Hebrew to me." Bransome said. "When I was on the Golan Heights [before the Six Day War] as a UN observer in the US Marine Corps someone came along and said 'shalom'.  The other UN observer heard him speaking Hebrew to me and that blew my cover. He was an Israeli liaison officer and he recognized me from being in the kibbutz a long time ago." Bransome was subsequently put on leave.
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