Nationalist Calms Leftist MK: We Won't Hurt You

Renowned activist Baruch Marzel tells MK Galon: We need you healthy; you are a disappearing species.

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Gil Ronen,

Baruch Marzel
Baruch Marzel
A7 Staff

Renowned nationalist activist Baruch Marzel issued a tongue-in-cheek missive Monday to MK Zehava Galon of Meretz, who has been assigned a bodyguard after "intelligence information" allegedly showed she was under threat. The information was later said to consist of "talkbacks on the Arutz Sheva website" but no complaint regarding talkbacks has been made.

"I want to remove concern from your heart," Marzel wrote Galon. "No one in the ideological right will hurt you because you are an important archival asset for us, and we are considering declaring the tiny remains of Meretz a nature reserve, and perhaps obliging the Sudanese [infiltrators] to vote for you so that you gain the minimum votes for entering the Knesset.

"It is true that you are a marginal Knesset member with no influence, but without you, how will we be able to convince our grandchildren that there were once Jews in the Land who believed that there would be peace with the Arabs? Without you, Zehava, we will not be able to explain that once, there were people here who made the childish claim that if we surrender in Judea and Samaria, the enemies will forgive us for the occupation and expulsion of 1948. Our grandchildren will not believe us that there were Jews who believed that in Oslo we will receive a new Middle East and that once we retreat from Gaza it will become a holiday and resort city on the Mediterranean. 

"You are a rare species, Zehava, which needs to be preserved, not for your sake but for ours and the next generations," concludes Marzel's "love" letter.