Indor Opposes Elkin's 'Gradual Weaning' Idea

Terror victims' spokesman says MK's approach would just grant legitimacy to freeing numerous terrorists.

Gil Ronen,

Meir Indor
Meir Indor
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Terror victims' spokesman Meir Indor does not like the law suggested by MK Zev Elkin (Likud), which would limit the number of terrorists released in future exchanges like the Shalit deal to 80-90 percent of the number released in the Shalit deal.

Elkin, who feels the country's leadership is too weak to implement tougher measures, wants the number of terrorists released to shrink gradually by 10-20 percent every time a deal is struck.

However, Indor says all he will accomplish is to grant legitimacy to the Shalit deal. The wording of Elkin's suggestion makes it seem the current deal was OK, he explained. 

Indor says there is no reason to believe that this legislation will hold up to public pressure any more than legislation limiting terrorist releases more drastically.

In addition, he notes that Hamas will see 90 percent of the price given for Shalit as a fair price for its extortion, too, and will have no problem accepting it. Legislation should be based on the Shamgar Committee recommendations and call for the release of one terrorist for one abductee, no more than that, says Indor.

Israeli leaders are grappling with the aftermath of the Shalit deal, in which Israel agreed to release over 1,000 terrorists, including mass murderers and sadistic killers, in exchange for a captive soldier. Many feel Israeli society has lost much of its staying power in the face of terrorists and that governments succumb to pressure from the Israeli press, which Caroline Glick has called "demented."

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