MK Elkin: Wean Israel of Hostage Deals Gradually

Coalition Chairman wants every hostage deal to involve 10-20 percent fewer terror prisoners than the previous one.

Gil Ronen,

MK Zeev Elkin
MK Zeev Elkin

MK Zev Elkin (Likud) thinks the nation should be gradually weaned from the psychological and political mindset that approves of releasing huge numbers of terrorists in return for a single Israeli.

Elkin told Arutz Sheva Sunday that he originally believed that the recommendations of the Shamgar Commission, as leaked to the press, should be written into law. These recommendations call for future swaps to be done of the basis of a "one terrorist for one soldier" formula.

However, added Elkin, when one takes into account the public pressure that future governments will face, "it is unlikely that this law will withstand the test of reality." He therefore suggests a gradual approach to weaning the government and the public from its "addiction" to such deals. 

The proposed law would determine that each future deal would involve the release of 80-90 percent the number of terrorists freed in the preceding deal. Also, the law should include parameters for terrorists who will not be released under any circumstances: These include recidivist terrorists who were released in previous deals, and those sentenced to long prison terms which they had not yet completed a large portion of.

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