Israeli Embassy Staff Returns to Cairo

Four members of Israel's embassy staff in Cairo have returned to Egypt and are reportedly searching for new facilities with better security.
By Chana Ya'ar
First Publish: 9/19/2011, 10:07 PM

Four members of Israel's embassy staff in Cairo have returned to Egypt and have reportedly begun the search for new facilities.

Egyptian sources told reporters that the embassy's Consul General and an assistant arrived in Cairo Monday afternoon with two other staff members. The group planned to go first to the embassy to examine the premises and review the damage.

Israel's embassy in Cairo is still in a shambles following an attack on the premises and a near-lynch of its staff in what was later reported by Egyptian media to have been a paid-for riot by an unnamed Egyptian millionaire.

The mob destroyed the building's security barrier and managed to climb up the building's walls, breaking in to the embassy's waiting room. Six security guards were rescued at the very last moment by Egyptian commandos after Cairo's transitional government was intensively pressured by U.S. President Barack Obama. All Israeli personnel were evacuated to the airport and flown directly to Tel Aviv, save one lone diplomat who stayed behind to represent the Jewish State in Egypt.

Israel's ambassador to Jordan, Daniel Nevo, returned to Amman last Friday morning, according to a report broadcast on IDF Army Radio.

Nevo and the rest of the embassy staff were evacuated from the building on Wednesday due to concerns that demonstrations at the facility might turn violent in a manner similar to the attack on the Israeli embassy in Cairo.