Judean Town's Founder Passes Away

Tzvi Enosh, among the founders of the Judean town of Bat Ayin, has passed away. “A very special man... a visionary,” his friends say.

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Maayana Miskin,

Bat Ayin
Bat Ayin
Flash 90

The town of Bat Ayin in Judea is mourning the passing of Tzvi Enosh, one of the village's founders and a long-time resident. Enosh passed away Sunday after a lengthy battle with a serious illness.

Regional council head Shaul Goldstein spoke to Arutz Sheva's Hebrew-language news service about Enosh.

“Tzvika was a very special man – an idealist, a man who dreamed, a visionary, who was always engaged in settling the land of Israel, and in his love for Torah,” Goldstein recalled.

Tzvi Enosh “always looked to the future, and knew the path would be a long one,” he continued. “Whenever we complained or said it was hard, he would say that G-d looks at the long term, and that we must focus on moving forward.”

Enosh viewed his own disease through the same lens, Goldstein added. “We learned much from him about faith,” he said.

The Enosh family suffered a tragedy just a month before Tzvi's passing with the death of daughter Zohar, 21. Zohar Enosh was killed when a car made a sudden turn in front of her as she drove her motorcycle near her hometown; she was unable to stop and hit the other vehicle, suffering fatal injuries.

“The family has many challenges to overcome in the days to come, they just ended the shloshim [30 days of mourning – ed.] for Zohar, and already need to sit [shiva] a second time,” Goldstein said.