Expert: Another Arab State is a Hoax

Dr. Yosef Mazor has written a new book about Zionism. The conclusion? another Arab state will not make Israel a more peaceful place.

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Dr. Yosef Mazor, who recently finished writing his book entitled “Zionism, Post-Zionism and the Arab Problem,” believes that Israel is not responsible for the existence of any Arab problems.

Speaking Tuesday with Arutz Sheva, Mazor, a long-time member of the Beitar movement, said: “For the past decade I have worked on the post-doctorate that has led to this book. The book deals with the ongoing debate in Israel over the years over whether Zionism still plays an active role or not, and consequently our views on the Arab problem.”

Mazor’s view at the conclusion of his research is that Zionism is in full force and that Israel has no part in the so-called ‘Arab problem.’

“The conclusions in the book are that first of all, the age of Zionism is far from over,” he said. “Second, we have no reason to repent for supposedly being at fault for the problems of the Arabs. The third conclusion is that the War of Independence is not yet over. As Ben Gurion once said, we first need to be convinced that we’re right and then we’ll have power.”

Mazor addressed the possibility that a Palestinian state may be formed, and said even this will not solve Israel’s problems.

“The solution of another Arab state is a hoax,” he said. “We’ve lived by the sword for many years and if we stop, then we’ll find ourselves in the sea.”

When asked why he chose to write his book, Mazor said, “I came to the conclusion that I must do something to correct what some of my grandchildren heard in school: that the Holocaust did not happen and that the Exodus from Egypt is just a story. So I decided to devote my life to writing the history of Zionism from the beginning.

“The book is meant for the next generation, so they know that we always tried to achieve peace and the Arabs always refused,” he added.