Hamas Expose: Informers Used Taxis to Help Israel

Informers of the “Zionist occupier” use taxis to report on the location of Hamas’ forces, the terrorist group reveals. More hangings ahead?

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Hamas in Gaza
Hamas in Gaza
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Collaborators with the “Zionist occupier” use taxis to report on the location of Hamas military men, the terrorist organization revealed Sunday.

The disclosure may lead to more executions. Last week, Hamas executed two collaborators for helping Israel seven years ago.

The foreign language Almejad site said that Hamas intelligence officers discovered that some of their agents have used taxicabs, both as passengers and drivers, to help the IDF.

The modus operandi of informers, according to the source, was to order a taxi, follow the route of armed forces and then disclose their final location to the IDF, which could target them.

Hamas officials cited one example of one man asking the taxi driver to take him to an area near a Gaza crossing, where he supposedly wanted to visit relatives, but actually met with an intelligence office and later disclosed his location.

Others acted as taxi drivers and spread rumors against Hamas to incite opposition to the terrorist organization.

Another tactic was to use cabs to transfer weapons, explosives and drugs.