"Peace-Activists" Plan Ben Gurion Airport Provocations

E-mail instructions to activists tell them to create provocations at Ben Gurion Airport and videotape them.

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Gil Ronen, | updated: 08:57

Ben Gurion Airport
Ben Gurion Airport
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Hundreds of people, many of whom are being used cynically by Israel's enemies and are convinced that they are peace activists, will try to create provocations at Ben Gurion Airport over the weekend.

Security forces assess that most of the activists will begin entering Israel Friday on 50 different incoming flights from Europe.
Reports say that they have received e-mail instructions from their handlers to create provocative scenes at Ben Gurion Airport. They are to videotape the provocations and their results, then pass on the tape to world media.
Security forces have fanned out in the airport and received instructions on how ot arrest the activists in a way that does not provide them with the kind of footage they desire.
Foreign media reported Wednesday night that two Dutch reporters were refused permission to board an El Al flight from Amsterdam to Israel. According to the reports, the journalists – who are employed by an international news agency – were told that they pose a security risk.
Police are also concerned that enemy sympathizers who have already arrived in Israel in recent days will try to hold a protest at or near Ben Gurion Airport.
Activists duped by Israel's enemies have been known to carry out dangerous and even suicidal missions on behalf of the anti-Israeli forces. The most famous example of this was Rachel Corrie, who got in front of a huge IDF bulldozer in Gaza and was accidentally killed. Corrie's handlers, the International Solidarity Movement, are believed to be producing the present provocation as well.