Rachel Corrie's Death Wish

The venerated title "human shield" has become a 21st century euphemism for "protecting evil." This morally confusing term most often applies to individuals who defend evil dictators such as Saddam Hussein or Yasser Arafat. <br/>

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Irwin Graulich,

The venerated title "human shield" has become a 21st century euphemism for "protecting evil." This morally confusing term most often applies to individuals who defend evil dictators such as Saddam Hussein or Yasser Arafat.

Rachel Corrie's wasted life ended as a result of throwing herself in front of an Israeli bulldozer to protect the "property" of a terrorist, something so senseless that even terrorist relatives never attempt it. Due to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding this incident, the media has portrayed Ms. Corrie as a compassionate, innocent, young American student fighting for a just cause. Beautiful photographs taken from her graduation, birthday parties and campus experiences adorn written eulogies honoring her life.

However, her actual demeanor was more accurately portrayed by USA Today, which featured a recent photo of the activist standing alongside Palestinian children, while burning a mock American flag and shouting, "Bush and Sharon are crazy!" Her own "crazed" expression bespeaks the truth.

College students become enamored with their future role in the world by undertaking a variety of causes. Unfortunately, a lack of maturity and wisdom often manifest themselves into rather poor decision-making. Rachel Corrie did not choose to fight against the Sudanese government that murdered more than one million blacks; she did not decide to protest the torturous regime of Saddam or other Arab/Muslim governments, which oppress women and jail people for wearing crosses. Instead, this morally confused college girl chose to devote her time to battling the lone democracy in the Middle East, which is fighting for its survival against 20 Arab/Muslim countries that still do not recognize its existence.

Rachel and her friends confronted Israel and America as adversaries because it is quite easy to criticize a democracy. Such activists are merely "useful idiots," manipulated in this case by the International Solidarity Movement, an anti-American, anti-Semitic organization that supports terrorism against the West.

Sadly, the concept of good and evil never made sense to the likes of Rachel Corrie. Radical activists often define right and wrong throughout the world in terms of "weak and strong" or "rich and poor." This typical leftist ideology alleges that poor (Third World) and weak groups/nations are somehow always oppressed, persecuted and certainly never wrong.

Rachel Corrie's parents, who more than likely taught her these bizarre values, must have been members of the same pot smoking hippie commune as John Walker Lindh's mom and dad. Of course, we feel sadness for any parent who loses a child. Nevertheless, fighting for the physical valuables of a suicide bomber who murdered many innocents, makes one an accessory to homicide, similar to Johnny (the American Taliban) Walker.

The Corrie's were foolish for condoning their daughter's involvement in anti-American causes and should probably be prosecuted for child abuse. Any parent who encourages their impressionable son/daughter to sit in front of Osama bin Laden's house, should American troops decides to destroy it, must take full responsibility for the consequences. Therefore, the decent person who contemplates Rachel's unfortunate death must have mixed emotions. There is sadness for the loss of a young life and contempt for her immoral path.

Reading Ms. Corrie's well publicized February 7, 2003 email to her parents, shows her incredible naivet? about the situation in the West Bank and Gaza, and total ignorance of Middle East history. By calling President Bush "a tool," Corrie inverted reality, since she actually became the "ultimate tool" of the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure.

Rachel Corrie continues to be praised by the Arab press, who on those very same pages, sing praises to Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. When you are associated with such impressive (sic) company, you have indeed sold your soul to the devil.
Irwin N. Graulich is a well known motivational speaker on morality, ethics, Judaism and politics. He is also President and CEO of Bloch Graulich Whelan Inc., a leading marketing, branding and communications company in New York City. He can be reached at irwin.graulich@verizon.net.
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