Online Video Contest: What Does Religious Zionism Mean to Me?

Bnei Akiva contestants from throughout North America submitted video messages regarding religious Zionism. Watch the winning video and more.

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Yoni Kempinski, | updated: 14:34

I Love Israel
I Love Israel
Bnei Akiva Video

Bnei Akiva of the United States and Canada created a video contest which raised the question, "What does Religious Zionism mean to you?" Contestants from throughout North America were invited to send their video clips answering the question.

 "The idea was for people to send in short, one-minute videos as they would see fit."  explains Yitzchak Matanky from Bnei Akiva of the United States and Canada.  "They would then be displayed on our Facebook page."
The contest brought in 21 videos with over 20,000 upload views on Bnei Akiva's Youtube page.
Danny Abboudi from Philadelphia won first place and received an iPad 2. His video, which can be seen here received thousands of views:
Matanky explained the idea behind creating this unique project. "Working in the national office of Bnei Akiva of the United States and Canada, we often create activities and Shabbatonim that are geared around Religious Zionism, Bnei Akiva and their meaning, thereby giving us the opportunity to teach people these ideas. This contest gave us the unique opportunity for people from ages 8 to 35) in the United States, Canada and Israel to take the role of the teacher and educate us as well as their peers.  
"It was a huge success, and we hope to plan similar initiatives to get people more involved in our Bnei Akiva world and ideals with the help of accessible and modern technology."
Here are a few more videos which were sent to Bnei Akiva and took part in the video contest: