Rabbi Lazer Brody Beams Vitamins for the Soul

Breslev teacher Rabbi Lazer Brody begins soulful and inspiring show on Israel National Radio: Lazer Beams.

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Eli Stutz, | updated: 14:00

Lazer Brody
Lazer Brody

"We all know what the body needs. But what does the soul need?"

On his debut "A Vitamin for the Soul" show on Arutz Sheva's Israel National Radio, Rabbi Lazer Brody gives listeners answers to these questions.

Rabbi Lazer Brody, author of the award-winning Lazer Beams weblog and well-known writer, speaker, and spiritual guide, hosted his first soul-satisfying "Lazer Beams" show on Israel National Radio Tuesday night. Rabbi Brody talked about building the type of priorities in life that guarantee happiness and fulfillment of personal potential.

"We all know that our bodies need vitamins," says Rabbi Brody. "When our body is hungry we know it demands what it needs and we all know how to satisfy that. But what about the soul? How does the soul make its demands? The soul is eternal. It never dies. The body dies after 120 years...

"The Zohar explains that the soul is a tiny part of the Creator. Just as He is eternal and defies time and space, so is our soul...So you see we are punishing ourselves when we focus on our material lives. When our soul needs something, it expresses it with negative emotions...We owe it to ourselves to learn how to break the chain of these emotions."

Click here to listen to the program, which includes stories and music as well as Torah.

Rabbi Lazer Brody is a graduate of the University of Maryland’s College of Agriculture and a decorated veteran of Israel’s Special Forces. He has translated renowned Breslev teacher Rabbi Shalom Arush's monumental work, The Garden of Emuna, into English and is editor of the Breslev Israel web magazine in English.

Tamar Yonah, popular radio host on Israel National Radio says, “Rabbi Lazer has the rare ability to establish bonds with every type of person from the totally secular to the ultra-religious; all of Israel loves him.”