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More Footage Proves 'Peace' Activists' Violence

Video: Activists are seen attacking the commandos with a stun grenade, a box of plates, and water hoses as the soldiers attempt to board the ship
By Yoni Kempinski
First Publish: 6/2/2010, 2:48 PM / Last Update: 6/2/2010, 3:24 PM

The IDF released footage taken at the Mavi Marmara clash, showing terror activists and militants attacking Navy commandos with a stun grenade, a box of plates and water hoses as the soldiers attempt to board the ship.

The activists are seen waving around metal rods and chains later used to attack the soldiers. The IDF soldiers were armed only with paint ball guns, used for riot dispersal, and pistols, two of which were snatched by the attackers. After a volley of shots were fired at the soldiers, the command was given to open fire in return.

Five other ships arrived to the area with the flotilla, and the IDF interception took place without incident. The passengers on board these other ships cooperated nonviolently with IDF soldiers, and there were no injuries