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  Shvat 27, 5778 , 12/02/18

PA security source: We won't be Israel's new SLA

A source in the Palestinian Authority security apparatuses responded, Monday evening, to the wounding of two Israeli soldiers by rioters after they accidentally entered the northern Samarian PA city of Jenin, telling Yediot Ahronot, "Israel must understand that while we are committed to agreements and therefore we are intervening in these events, we are not a new Lahad army for Israel, it will not happen."

He was referring to the Southern Lebanese Army, a predominantly Christian force under the command of Antoine Lahat, which operated in Israel's area of influence until shortly after 2000, when Israel withdrew unilaterally under then prime minister Ehud Barak. The official said "I have been in the Palestinian apparatuses since the day they were born, and I have never encountered such an atmosphere of extremism on the Palestinian street as there is now." He explained, "The average Palestinian feels abandoned from all directions, and this brings out negative energies from the street at a level that has not existed since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority."

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