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  חשון 4, 5774 , 08/10/13

Candidate: Prioritize Jewish Culture Over Formula 1

Arieh King of the United Jerusalem (Yerushalayim Meuhedet) party addressed English speakers on Sunday evening as part of the ongoing campaign for municipal elections. "We spend a great deal of money on beer festivals, wine festivals, the Sound and Light Show, the Formula 1 race -- but we barely spent anything on the Rikudgalim flag dance ceremony on Yom Yerushalayim. We need to focus on Jewish cultural activities too," King stated. He added he was not against such cultural events but lamented prioritizing them over Jewish events.

He also described an assault which took place near his home in the Maale Hazeitim neighborhood in which agitators from the Arabic speaking community of the adjacent Ras Al-Amud neighborhood threw rocks at him and a group of others. King said that the rocks succeeded in smashing car windows of Arab residents. He related that he did not bother to call the police because past experiences taught him their hands are tied in available responses. Thus he enlisted the support of Arab neighbors angry at the Arab agitators to quell the incident.

He described another story of a successful Supreme Court case to prevent Arab residents from turning a historical park area into a graveyard.

The lecture was part of the OU Israel Center's series that brings in a diverse group of candidates from various parties to address the English-speaking community.

King is running alongside Shmuel Shkedi, a former deputy mayor in the Jerusalem city council. Elections will be held on October 22nd.

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