News Briefs

  2/10/2013, Shevat 30, 5773

Livnat: Sarah Braverman's Story is the Story of Zionism

Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat expressed sadness, Sunday afternoon, on the passing of pre-state paratrooper Sarah Braverman. Livnat said, "Sarah (Surika) Braverman, of blesed memory, was a woman larger than life, a trailblazer who inspired thousands of women in the [pre-state] Jewish community and later in Israel."

She added, "In many ways Sarah's life story is the story of Zionism itself, as an illegal immigrant, a pioneer, a parachutist and a fearless fighter in the war for the Jewish people and the establishment of the land of Israel. Surika - may her memory be blessed - was also a courageous fighter for women's rights in Israel, and this paved the way for the service of women in the IDF when she brought about the establishment of the Women's Corps."