A terrorist mourned by the left

A Meretz party candidate bemoaned the'lonely death of a man,' the terrorist murderer of the Henkins, who died in prison of cancer 'without family or emotional support in a prison cell.'

Shalom Pollack

OpEds Eitam and Naama Henkin
Eitam and Naama Henkin
Uri Yehezkel

The Israel Prison Service announced several days ago that Hamas security prisoner Bassam a-Sheikh died of cancer early Sunday at Assaf HaRofeh Medical Center.

The prisoner, age 46, was terminally ill with the disease and was hospitalized for some time. He was imprisoned in Israel since 2015 for murder, offenses against the IDF, attempted murder, stone-throwing, kidnapping, coercion, false imprisonment, membership in a terror organization, and contact with the enemy.

That was the press announcement

Specifically, this deceased cancer patient murdered Rabbi Henkin and his wife Naama in front of their children. The children, sitting in the back of the car, were spared because  the killer's weapon jammed.

The passing of this monster naturally attracted attention and responses.

A father of different terror victim forced the prison authorities to share information with him, under the freedom of information act:

He found much about the five-star conditions that the murderers enjoy. He found out specifically that the murderer of Rabbi Henkin and his wife received medications for his cancer treatment that are denied, Israeli citizens. I will explain:

In Israel, there is what is referred to as  "a basket of medicines" which means that there are some very expensive medicines that are "not in the basket" of medicines provided by "the system" Israelis who need them must find a way to personally finance them.

In Israeli prisons, Arab murderers are given better treatment than Israeli citizens including the victims of those very Arab killers. They get every medicine, no matter which.

Just think for a moment. Does this make sense?

Does it make you think of places like Chelm or perhaps Sodom?

Of course, the Palestinian Authority(our very own creation) is howling about how Israel killed the terrorist and revenge will come...

I expect no different from the PA - monster that we (Rabin//Peres), supported by the left and center left, along witht mainstream media, created.

Unlike some Israelis, I never believed that we can buy our enemies' acceptance, let alone their love.

However, It was a bit more jarring when a prominent Leftist personality of the Meretz party, Mr. Mussi Raz, expressed his feelings about the death of the terrorist.

He bemoaned the lonely death of a man who died without family or emotional support in a prison cell.

Read that again.

Now tell me who is our bigger problem, the wild dogs circling us, or the ones who want to let them off their leashes?