UNESCO says New York is not part of America

This is meant to be a satire, but it may be a prophecy...

Jack Engelhard

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Temple Mount
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A day after declaring that there is no Jewish connection to the Western Wall and Temple Mount, next on the agenda for UNESCO is New York City, which the UN agency says is also disconnected and not part of the United States. From now on, New York City will be known by its Arabic name.

Infidels must leave.

“We are looking into Paris as well,” a UNESCO official told this reporter.

UNESCO is headquartered in Paris. This could create a problem for the thousands the UN employs at what used to be the capital of France.

Would they be moved to London?

“No,” we were told. “London is next to go. There is no evidence that London was ever a part of Britain.”

What does that mean?

“It means that henceforth London will be known by its Arabic name.”

As to New York, the place was founded by the Dutch in 1624. They called it New Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands.

“Not anymore. We at UNESCO took care of that, too.”

Will New Yorkers have to move to Canada?

“Yes. But not Ottawa.”

That’s the capital of Canada.

Will New Yorkers who remain be allowed to eat, pray, love? “Eat, love – maybe. But with special permits and taxes. Pray? Never. Just like the Temple Mount.
“No more.”

Will New Yorkers who remain be allowed to eat, pray, love?

“Eat, love – maybe. But with special permits and taxes. Pray? Never.”

Just like the Temple Mount.

“Indeed, and there is no Temple Mount. Call it Haram a-Sharif.”

Tough to pronounce.

“Get used to it, my friend. It’s happening all over. Trust us at the UN.”

What about the Hebrew Bible?

“We read it every day, but still in English, yes, The New York Times.”

The Empire State Building – what happens now that it’s no longer in New York, since there is no New York?

“You mean the Grand Empire Mosque?”

What happens to baseball in what used to be New York?

“Christians and Jews who play for the Yankees and Mets will not be allowed to use bats when they come up to the plate.”


“Christians and Jews get no helmets.”

Getting to be that way all over.

“A wise observation.”

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