Put Aside the Plans and Process

Did Obama mean what he said in one part of his Jerusalem speech or what he said in the other?

Mark Langfan,

Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

No one could accuse me of being an 'Obam-aton.' But, but, something positive seems to have happened to President Obama on the way to Jerusalem in 2013. And that something might just be good for Israel, and good for the United States. For within the flotsam and jetsam of inane and tired "Peace Process" clichés contained in Obama's Jerusalem 2013 speech, there was a core statement of possible wisdom: "I've suggested principles on territory and security that I believe can be a basis for talks. But for the moment, put aside the plans and process. I ask you, instead, to think about what can be done to build trust between people." Words have meaning. And if Obama's second-term Israel policy follows his "put aside the plans and process" words, a golden age will have dawned for Israel.

It certainly didn't hurt that Egypt is imploding, the Syrians are massacring each other by the tens of thousands, Hamas, almost as if on cue, fired rockets from Gaza, the PA official paper blamed the US for 9/11, Iraq is acting as Iran’s air and land bridge to Iran’s Murderer-in-Chief, Assad, the Kurds are seceding from Iraq, and Iran is closing in on enough fissile material for a nuclear bomb.

The reality is that Israel is about the only place in the entire land mass of the Middle East where Air Force One doesn't have to worry that a stinger missile is going to knock it down when it's landing, and where Obama will be received with unconditional love, man-hugs and kisses.

So, in Obama's keynote, intensely crafted and vetted Jerusalem 2013 speech, Obama clearly didn't double-down on his "1967 borders" idiocy, but instead, appeared to throw it out entirely. Obama's enunciated speech "Peace" policy appeared to be "Out with the 'peace' process, in with trust building." And, what, pray tell, is wrong with that?

Isn't Israel all for the PA building the trust of Israel by the PA's stopping their unabated incitement of Palestinian children to the genocidal murder of six million Jewish Israelis? Aren't all Israelis for the Palestinian Arabs building the trust of Israelis by their building water sewerage treatment plants in the PA that the US Congress has already paid millions for? For, up to now, the corrupt PA has only built up their Swiss 'bank' accounts, instead of building up their "West Bank" water treatment plants. "Trust-building" should be the only issue discussed, and everyone should "put aside the plans and process."

Though parts of Obama's speech showed great promise, there were still some idiotic "Peace" process vestiges remaining that have to be exposed for the fallacies they are.
But even though parts of Obama's speech showed great promise, there were still some idiotic  "Peace" process vestiges remaining that have to be exposed for the fallacies they are. And as an additional caveat, Obama might be playing a “you get more with honey” Trojan Horse scam where he is trying to repackage “irreversible” Israeli “peace process” concessions as “harmless” trust-building measures. For example, he may be trying “under the radar” to “re-label” Judea and Samaria's Area “B” as  Area “A.” Only time will tell.

Regardless, I'll just hit 3 of Obama’s biggie fallacies (though there were a ton).

Obama biggie fallacy # 1: "First, peace is necessary. Indeed, it is the only path to security."

"Indeed," Obama has it upside-down, and backwards. The correct quote is "Si vis pacem, para bellum," which literally means "If you wish for peace, prepare for war," or in more simple and familiar terms, "Peace through Strength." This part of Obama's Jerusalem 2013 speech could be roughly summed up to mean "Security through surrender." Israel won't get "security" through surrender of land, it will get annihilation, and an Auschwitz 2.0. For Israel, Obama's "peace" is actually only the most certain "path" to war.

Obama biggie fallacy #2: "Given the demographics west of the Jordan River, the only way for Israel to endure. . . is . . a viable Palestine."

Again Obama overplayed a losing, tired, and false cliché. For, imagine in two years after Israel's "Peace" retreat, katyushas rain on Tel Aviv, and Israel has to reinvade a Palestinian Arab state that now has an additional newly immigrated two million so-called refugees that it didn't have when Israel first retreated. What would Obama say about those  "demographics west of the Jordan River"?

Or, when the additional two million Palestinian Arab "refugees" flock to the new Palestinian Arab state only to have use of its water resources that the PA doesn't have the legal right to? Consequently, the Palestinians would thereby "peacefully" divert the "West Bank" source water that now freely and naturally flows to pre-1967 Israel in underground aquifers, and is Israel's international riparian water right. So, Obama's "demographics" argument actually works against a two-state solution, not for it.

Obama biggie fallacy # 3: "And given the march of technology, the only way to truly protect the Israeli people is through the absence of war. . ."

Because Obama actually made the trip to Israel in the first place, let's "for the moment, put aside" that Obama's "absence of war" rhetorical flourish is inane on its face. At the core, what Obama really meant was the old stand-by "Peace" cliché of "In the age of missiles, land isn't important, so give up Judea and Samaria."

I get it. Israel retreats to the Green Line, all the Muslim nations still keep their long-range missiles, and Iran gains an additional chemical katyusha short-range rocket attack base in Judea and Samaria against Tel Aviv. So, under Obama's "technology" argument, Israel doesn't diminish the long-range Muslim-state missile threat, it merely gets an additional terrorist short-range rocket threat west of the Jordan River into the heart of Israel's population and industrial centers. And, when Israel has to reinvade the area after a terrorist rocket attack into Tel Aviv, all the Muslim nations will then have a great reason to actually fire their long-range missiles into the mobilizing concentrated Israeli forces.

Now, that's brilliant strategic military thinking, if ever I've heard any. In Obama's defense, Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres were the numbskulls who first coined the "In the age of missiles" argument, so we shouldn't be too harsh.

But also, while we're on the "march of technology" argument, with "modern" anti-tank weapons, a Palestinian Arab terrorist could blow up Kfar Saba yellow school buses like they did firing from Gaza, and murder hundreds of 16 year-old Jewish students like they murdered Daniel Viflic (may he rest in peace). In sum, Obama's "march of technology" argument is nothing but a "march of folly."

In closing, we must touch on Obama's novel "Shoe on the other foot" argument. But to compare apples to apples, let's first compare the PA Arab' shoes with those worn by the Gaza Palestinian Arabs now being tortured by their Hamas "brothers," the Syrian Arabs being massacred by the Iranian Puppet Assad by the tens of thousands, or the Egyptian secularists about to be butchered by the Muslim Brotherhood. Given what the PA Arabs would be facing under the heel of their brethren's shoes, I dare say they are darn-tootin' lucky to now be protected by the IDF.

And to be truly fair, Obama should have suggested that the Palestinian Arabs try the Israelis’ shoes on for size. Just imagine if the Jews and Muslims switched roles and switched moral norms. Just imagine if 1 billion raging Jews with 60 percent of the world's oil resources, and 25 Jewish countries in the United Nations openly declared and advocated their undying religious intent to the genocidal murder of the last vestiges of 6 million Muslims where there were only 9 miles between the new hostile border and the Mediterranean Sea? (This isn’t true and is only being used as a hypothetical example.) Would anyone suggest the Muslims should cede a strategically defensive natural mountain range in Samaria, and retreat to an indefensible border where in 9 miles an invading and rampaging Jewish force could liquidate 6,000,000 Muslim civilian men, women, and children?

And, by all means Mr. President, let's truly "put the shoe on the other foot." For, if modern Pancho Villa-inspired Mexican terrorists started firing rockets into Texas or New Mexico border cities, and murdered dozens of Texans, there wouldn't be a single living Mexican within 12 miles of the US border. Just ask President Woodrow “Keep us out of war” Wilson, who ordered General Pershing, without a declaration of war, physically into Mexico with 6,000 US troops for two years chasing Pancho Villa.

Why? Because on March 9, 1916, the Mexican terrorist-revolutionary Pancho Villa crossed into the United States of America into a sleepy Columbus, New Mexico, murdered 19 Americans, and left the American town in flames? Yes, Mr. President, "Let the United States try on Israel's shoes for one minute."

Nevertheless, let's hope the words of Obama's Jerusalem 2013 speech junking what is a delusional "Peace" process turn into actions junking what has been in reality a "War" process. Let’s hope, it’s not an Obama “golf with republicans” legerdemain to coerce Israel to re-label Israeli areas B into A, or C into B. For, if there has been a real Obama change, the world (and especially the Palestinian Arabs) would be a lot safer and freer. But as my illustrious dad says, "The proof is in the pudding."


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