The First Day of School in Migron

Their temporary dwellings are not ready, so neither are the nurseries and schools.

David Bedein,

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David Bedein
credit David Michael Cohen

Yesterday, the people of Migron held a press conference.

Some  reporters examined the area set aside for the people of Migron, in case they are removed from their homes this week by court order

Objectively, the new homes and new schools and new pre school facilities for 49 families with 219 children will not be completed for many months.

However,  the Israel Civil Administration, operating under Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak, has issued press advisories that the IDF will "help" the people of Migron move into their new homes this force, if necessary..

The question remains: Will Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu intervene to make sure that the people of Migron have a place to live, if they are indeed evicted from their homes?

In the words of one Migron mother of six children,"Schools and kindergartens begin this week and  we do not know where our children will learn"

Everything depends on Bibi.

Yet Bibi's office will not respond to the simple question of what he is going to do about the fact that the new "neighborhood" of Migron is not ready.

After all, Bibi is assured by Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak that all is well with the new neighborhood for the people of Migron, when it is not.

Bibi comes to Efrat's Aseh Chayil school Monday, the first day of school, 24 hours before ugly events are planned in Migron.

Silence is not an Option.

Convey a message to Bibi.

Pupils and teachers of Aseh Chayal can keep in mind the fate of the 219 children of Migron, who may not have any school or kindergarten to go to in a few days time.

If your child shakes Bibi's hand, ask your child to ask when the Prime Minister will visit the children of Migron.