We Need You Now: How to Be an Informed Israel Advocate

With Israel defending herself from rockets and fending off Abbas' demands for all of Judea and Samaria, you should spend some time (and if you wish, $10) to learn how to become an effective Pro-Israel Advocate in 10 easy steps.

Mark Langfan,

Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

1.   The Pre-1967 “Neck” is Israel’s Crown Jewel of Jewish Population

Understand that 70% of Israel’s Jewish Population and 80% of her Industrial base is in the Tel Aviv Coastal Plain is in the 10 mile east/west wide by 40 mile north/south rectangle Tel Aviv-Netanya “neck” of Pre-1967 Green Line Borders –

a.      Israel civilian population Density graphic - www.marklangfan.com/israelpopulationdensitymap.html

b.     Katyusha Rocket Graphic-Inset - www.marklangfan.com/telaviv-natanyaquarter.html

2.  Palestinian ‘West Bank’ Rockets will be fired into the heart of Tel Aviv

Understand how individual Katyusha rockets will be easily smuggled into a Palestinian “Demilitarized” ‘West Bank’ State, as easily as they were smuggled into the Gaza Strip, and will fired by Palestinian terrorists into the densely populated Coastal Plain Tel Aviv-Netanya ‘Neck’ of Israel.  And, that Katyushas can also carry chemical weapons.  Go to Fed Ex/Kinkos or a local printer and print out a laser-sharp $2 11X17 glossy of the Katyusha rocket map, or live large, and spring for a $50,  24”X36” vinyl roll-up banner.  All my files are all high resolution and ready to print in English, Hebrew and Russian.

plexi figure 11 INN: M.L.
3.   About 50% of Israel’s Water flows from the ‘West Bank’ Mountain Aquifer

Understand how, because of the topography of the ‘West Bank,’ about 50% of Israel’s total current water supply comes from or depends on the ‘West Bank’ water aquifers, and that a Palestinian “Demilitarized” West Bank State could “peacefully” divert for itself the entire 50% of Israel current riparian water supply, and how the Palestinians are now stealing and polluting the ‘West Bank’ mountain aquifer. 

Plexi figure INN: M.L.
.      Katyusha rocket graphic- www.marklangfan.com/Postcard2.html

b.      Demilitarization Risks - www.marklangfan.com/demilitarizationrisks.html

c.     Katyusha Responsa - www.marklangfan.com/responsa.html

d.     Plexiglass piece uses - www.marklangfan.com/useofplexipieces.html

e.      Hyperlinked Katyusha rocket Langfan resource bibliography -

The only people who don’t know that Israel strategically placed the Western Samarian Jewish settlements exactly on the Western Mountain Aquifer, and that Israel needs the water of ‘West Bank’ for Israel’s water supply are Israelis and American Jews.  Again, print out the Water maps on 11X 17 for $2 a page. They will look great and are easily understandable on that size paper.

a.      BBC “Obstacles to Arab-Israeli Peace: Water” - www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-11101797

b.     Dr. Haim Gvirtzman – “The Israeli-Palestinian Water Conflict: An Israeli Perspective”  www.biu.ac.il/SOC/besa/docs/GvirtzmanWP180112.pdf


Figure 12: A schematic cross-section of the Mountain Aquifer showing the recharge and storage areas of the eastern and western basins33

graph INN: M.L.

Mark Langfan, The Use of Plexi Pieces 1992

“The Israeli-Palestinian Water Conflict: An Israeli Perspective” by Dr. Haim Gvirtzman, January 2012 (see above)

c.   Hyperlinked ‘West Bank’ Water Langfan resource bibliography

4.   PM Netanyahu’s Jordan Valley “Allon Plan” is a Dead End

 Understand how the topography of the ‘West Bank’ underlies PM Netanyahu’s “peace” plan, the “Settlement blocks, and Areas A, B, and C of the ‘West Bank’ which are all based on the faulty Rube-Goldberg meshugana “give up the part that’s closest, and keep the part furthest away” 1967 Allon Plan that doesn’t account for Katyushas fired from the ‘West Bank’ into Tel Aviv, and the ‘West Bank’ Palestinian State from diverting 50% of Israel’s Riparian ‘West Bank’ Water Supply, or that in the “age of missiles” Israel needs the airspace of the ‘West Bank.”

Plexi figure INN: M. Langfan
Plexi figure INN: M.L.

Mark Langfan, The Use of Plexi Pieces 1992



a.      Allon Plan article - www.marklangfan.com/rabinsallonplan.html

b.     3d Israel Photo montage #1 and #2 www.MarkLangfan.com/3DMapPhotoMontage.html, www.marklangfan.com/photomontage2.html

c.     Hyperlinked ‘West Bank’ Settlement/Wall resource bibliography
www.marklangfan.com/ bibliography-allonplan.html


5. Israel ‘West bank’ Settlers are modern-day heroes

Understand that the only thing keeping the 4 million Jews in Israel’s Tel Aviv Coastal Plain ‘Neck’ from being annihilated by a Palestinian ‘West Bank’ State are the 550,000 brave Jewish men, women, and children modern-day heroes living in the Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley and East Jerusalem surrounded by hostile Palestinian terrorists ready to kill them in their sleep like they murdered the Fogel Family. (May they rest in peace in heaven.)

a.       B’Tselem map of Jewish Settlements and Israel - www.marklangfan.com/westbanksettlements2011.html


6.  Israel is NATO’s supreme military asset

Understand exactly how and why Israel is the cause of stability, and not instability, in the Middle East, and that Israel is a vital military strategic asset for the US and NATO.

a. “Israel is NATO’s South-Eastern Flank” -  www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/150094

b. “Israel is the US Priceless Strategic Asset” www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/11222#.TzUs4sjVt8E


7.  Iran endangers the world, not just Israel

Understand how Iran is strategic catastrophic threat to the World and the entire Sunni Muslim world, and not just to Israel.

a.      “Iran: the Fourth Reichastan” - www.marklangfan.com/4 Reichastan.html

b.     “Iran is a Genocidal “War Crime” Regime” - www.marklangfan.com/iranisawarcrimeregime.html

c.     Syria Revolution –A Cold War Hot Victory: The Meaning of Assad's Fall

 8.   Get the Best News digest and strategic analysis automatically and for free

Understand how timely and critical Israel-related news can come to you for free:

a.      Make Arutz Sheva your home page

b.     Subscribe to the automatic and free Jerusalem Center hyperlinked Daily News Alert (www.jcpa.org/JCPA/index.asp subscription tab on the upper right corner), and BESA center for any of their publications and monographs by emailing your first and last name to besa.center@mail.biu.ac.il.  Go to their web pages and subscribe for the free daily hyper-linked digests and free published works.


9.  Download my hyperlinked PowerPoint Israel Research Project

Download my 330-page hyperlinked PowerPoint Israel History/Military/Water Research presentation project from my website www.marklangfan.com/send/presentation.pptx or from USENDIT for FREE.  (YouSendIt first requires a free registration - www.yousendit.com/litesignup?s=4000419&cid=ha-4000419 ) It’s a very large file so it takes a while. Cut my PowerPoint file up and make your own shorter PowerPoint programs, and show your family and school or Facebook page.  Email me any interesting articles or graphics.


10. "Freedom is not free”

Understand that “Freedom is not free” is not a cliché, but a moral imperative. And, the entire Western world and Israel can be destroyed if one does not personally and actively advocate, to their ability in one’s life, for freedom, justice, and for the safety of Israel.

a.      In a non-hostile calm way talk to your family, friends and workmates, and piece-by-piece and slowly, give them a one-page graphic Katyusha map, here, or a BBC article on the ‘West Bank’ water problem, there.  Remember Rabbi Akiva’s drops of water smashed the biggest and hardest boulders to smithereens.

b.     Get the name and address and fax number of a local US Congressman or Senator or Knesset member and newspaper, and call, send, and fax them information. Don’t let your email or fax go unanswered-follow up.  I scored my first New York Times’ Editorial Board briefing with a polite follow-up call.  Schedule an in-person appointment once you feel in command of the subject. www.marklangfan.com/aboutmap.html

c.      Never give up, never give in. And if you have any questions, email, Facebook, or call me anytime.  I’m free. mapmun@aol.com, 212-832-4065