Battalion Activity
Battalion ActivityIDF

In their last week in the Binyamin Brigade, reservist soldiers from Battalion 8114 operated in the villages of Malek, Kafr Aqab, Al Bireh, Silwad, and Sinjil, in addition to a battalion operation in the Jalazone refugee camp, to arrest wanted persons involved in stone-throwing and nationalist terrorism and interrogated dozens of suspects.

The Kedem Battalion of the Rescue Brigade has worked nonstop throughout the region. This week, they operated in Bidu, Anat, Beit Anan, and Beit Sira to arrest suspects and search for weapons. Two stolen motorcycles were confiscated.

In Beit Sira and the Jalazone refugee camp, the forces conducted operations against many targets simultaneously.

The wanted persons who were arrested and the confiscated weapons were handed over to the security forces for further handling, with no injuries to Israeli forces.

So far, 14 wanted persons involved in stone-throwing, Molotov cocktails, incitement on social networks, and terrorist organization activities have been arrested throughout the Binyamin Brigade since the beginning of the week.