Hands of prisoner in jail
Hands of prisoner in jailiStock

In response to Chava Peretz’s statement that “prison officers turned a blind eye as my husband was exposed to 3 death threats,” an investigation was made into the conditions at Moldovan prisons where her husband has been held for five months. The results were chilling, and people are amazed that Jewish-looking Natan Peretz made it out so far.

According to the investigatio, Moldova prisons are run by an informal prisoner hierarchy, to a large extent, due to a lack of security staff and their reliance on informal prison leaders to keep control. With no security personnel to protect him, Natan Peretz is at the mercy of the leading inmates who loathe him for being Jewish. The strongest and toughest become the informal prison leaders, leading to a general atmosphere of intimidation and violence. Natan has had no reprieve for five months, and fears for his life every time a prisoner approaches him.

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What bothers the family most is that Natan is suffering needlessly, as the court has allowed him to go free after paying a $120,000 fine. Tragically, the family cannot afford that amount, and in a desperate attempt to save him, have opened a crowdfunding page. If the last $55,000 isn’t raised, Natan’s life could meet a tragic end. In a recently released message, Natan turns to the Jewish public, “Please help me merciful Jews! Save me! Get me out of here! Redeem me! Do the mitzvah of Pidyon Shvuyim! Please!”

Natan’s life and freedom are dependent on the public. To ensure a Jewish man doesn’t remain at risk among Moldovan thugs, click here to contribute.