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The extended Peretz family is under intense pressure to release Natan Peretz from prison. Natan now has phone access to his family, and he frequently calls, each time with a new request to help him. With his pleas constantly on their mind, the family has been subjected to an unbearable burden.

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A sister of Natan said, “He asks us often, not because he wants to drive us mad, but because his life is in actual danger. As he shared in the recently released one-minute recording - the inmates attempted to kill him 3 times. His voice shook on that recording, giving us a terrifying glimpse into the terror he lives with constantly.

What breaks us most, is that we can’t help him. Our parents are elderly and the emotional hardship of having a son in prison under life-threatening conditions has taken a toll on them. They have never asked for help before and they find it extremely unpleasant.”

As Natan’s sister stated, the family is forced to rely on the public for help. The court’s verdict is that Natan can only go free once $120,000 has been paid up. No family member can sponsor it, and the only way to free Natan from prison and an almost certain death is via a campaign currently running. Close to 50% is still needed, and time is running out.


Efforts have intensified, and thousands are joining the movement to bring Natan home. Natan’s fate lies in the hands of the public; if the goal isn’t met, Natan will never be able to go free. Readers can contribute to bringing Natan home to his elderly parents, wife, and 3-year-old daughter by contributing to the campaign page. Currently, Natan’s future is uncertain, and his family fears that he will meet his end in the hands of Moldovan inmates.