The Belzer Rebbe
The Belzer RebbeYonatan Sindel/Flash90

In light of the prospect of significant budget cuts for yeshivas and as per the Supreme Court's directive, the Belzer Rebbe's gabbai last night, in the presence of the Rebbe (hasidic leader) and thousands of hasidim, requested donations for the yeshiva students.

In his announcement, which he said was in the name of the Rebbe, he sharply criticized the government.

"Since the authorities in the Holy Land have declared a campaign against Torah learners, and in our many sins, have stolen the bread from the mouths of the needy Torah scholars in order to force them to go to the army, the time has come to unite as a solid wall against the pursuers of religion, and to wage the battle of Torah to thwart their plans," he said.

"At the Rebbe's request, everyone, both in Israel and abroad, is asked to come to the aid of the mighty ones of God and to commit to at least one month of $250... and whoever adds, more will be added to him."

"And by standing firm at this time, we will prove to all that, 'No weapon forged against you will prevail,' and the eternity of Israel will not lie, and we will soon see the Torah proud again, along with its learners. Those who respond to the holy call will merit long life, blessed children, ample sustenance, and all the blessings of the Torah, Amen."