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-Three Nigerian Christians made to kneel and killed by Islamic State.

-Catholics in northern Mozambique who tell stories of parishioners murdered by Islamists for refusing to recant their faith.

-Among those killed, Francisco Massaya, who met his death at the foot of the chapel, and Silvano Valentim, who confessed to being Christian before being beheaded.

-In Congo, Islamists just beheadeded 60 Christians.

-And in Pakistan, the crowd lynched to death an elderly Christian accused of "offending" Islam.

It all happened this past week, but it's been happening for years amid the most sordid general indifference.

According to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), 187,900 Christians live in Israel, equal to 1.9 percent of the population. In 2021, the Christian population grew by 1.4 percent to 182,000 and in 2022, a growth rate of 2 percent (185,000 Christians) was recorded. And it contrasts with all the countries of the Middle East. Christians are the most persecuted identity group in the world.

Several countries “voted” for a Palestinian state as a reward for Hamas' October 7 proto-genocide. As Canadian columnist Barbara Kay notes, these are Spain, Norway and Ireland, all three democracies cultural products of Christianity (the first and third are Catholic, the second Protestant).

They should ask the school of the Sisters of the Rosary in the Dachyat El Barid neighborhood north of Jerusalem, which was included in the Israeli part of the anti-terrorism wall, at the request of the Mother Superior of the order, despite the security difficulties. The Christians did not want to end up on the Palestinian Arab side of the barrier.

There are 800 Christian Palestinians in Gaza, down from 3,000 in 2007, when Hamas wrested control of the area from Fatah. Christians in both the Palestinian Authority and Gaza are a residual and vulnerable population. In 1947, Christians in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, made up 85 percent of the population; by 2016 their number had fallen to 16 percent. They are haunted by memories of Yasser Arafat, whose terrorists besieged the Basilica of the Nativity in 2002, where they held dozens of parishioners hostage, looted and set fires. Rami Ayyad, the Christian owner of a bookshop in Gaza, was kidnapped, tortured and killed by Islamic extremists.

The Rev. Tomey Dahoud, head of the Greek Orthodox Church in Taubus, a Palestinian Authority city near Jenin, said: “The Islamic people want to kill us. This is their principle and their belief. They don't want Christians in this country. They don't want to hear and our names; they don't want to see us. This is reality". His church was set on fire.

In January, an Islamic mob attacked a convent in Nablus, also in the Palestinian Authority. And already in the area under the control of the Palestinian Authority, other Christian churches were burned and Christians targeted after Benedict XVI's lectio in Regensburg.

And when Barack Obama visited Bethlehem in 2013, even the ultra-liberal NBC did a story on the “Islamization” of the city.

But things are not much better in Nazareth, the Arab city in northern Israel, although Israeli law enforcement prevents violence. A sign welcomed non-Muslims: “And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, his cult will not be accepted, and in the other life he will be among the losers. From the Holy Quran (3:85)”. And right in front of the basilica, an expanse of Muslims prays facing Mecca. The Islamic Movement, of fundamentalist inspiration, wanted the construction of a mosque to rival what is the largest church in the Middle East. The city already has 11 mosques in a process of Islamization of the city.

Sheikh Raed Salah, the head of the Islamic Movement in Israel that wants to Islamize Nazareth, has just given a sermon: “Muhammad said that a small army of Muslims will conquer the White House and that Islam will enter every home on every continent. Muhammad said: 'The city of Heraclius will be conquered first.' Heraclius means the city of Constantinople, which is now called Istanbul. Half of this prophecy has already been fulfilled: the conquest of Constantinople. The second half of the same prophecy has yet to be fulfilled: the conquest of Rome. 'Rome' does not mean a specific geographic location. Rome symbolizes Europe”.

Christian suffering cannot be attributed to Israel and thus poses a serious problem for Woke Westerners who see the world through a neo-Marxist lens of the struggle between the oppressed and their oppressors.

But only a fool or a useful idiot would suppose that the current wave of hatred in the West will be limited to Jewish targets.

Mahmoud al Zahar, the "Hamas surgeon", explained that the destruction of Israel is only the first objective of the Islamic Ummah. Europe and the West come later and together.

And if the post-Christian countries that are in a hurry to please the armies of the Caliph do not want to listen to Israel or Hamas, they should read what Iqna, the largest information agency on the Koran based in Tehran, writes:

“It is estimated that by 2085, 13 European countries will have a Muslim majority in a continent that once belonged to Christianity. For the first time, Christians are in a minority in England and Wales. This religion has almost disappeared from the country where Jesus was born. Bethlehem's Christian population has shrunk from 85 percent in 1947 to 15 percent. In Russia, Islam is predicted to be the most widespread religion by 2050. Today there are 3,000 mosques in France. In Birmingham, the second largest city in Great Britain, there are 200 mosques and London has a Muslim mayor."

In Libya there were many Jews. Then the Islamists slaughtered and chased them away. Not as Israelis, but as Jews. In Egypt there were 100,000 Jews in 1948, while today in the whole country there are only 28. In all of Iraq there are only 22 Jews left against a Jewish population in 1948 of 160,000. There are no Jews left in Syria and Lebanon. And today you find many Libyan Jews in Rome and Milan, but none in Libya anymore. T

hen in Libya they started slaughtering Christians. Today Libya is the third worst country in the world to be a Christian. And there are practically no Christians left.

The post-Christian Europeans of Spain, Norway and Ireland before pleasing the armies of the Caliph, would do well to remember the disturbing maxim that spread in the period preceding the Six Day War of 1967: “First let us kill the Sabbath people (Jews), then we kill the Sunday people (Christians)”. In some neighborhoods in the Middle East these words are literally written on the wall. Even Westerners would be able to see it, if they weren't seriously affected by moral blindness.