North Korean leader Kim Jong Un
North Korean leader Kim Jong UnREUTERS

South Korea announced today (Sunday) that it has decided to resume broadcasts against North Korea using the powerful loudspeakers it possesses.

The broadcasts using the loudspeakers were stopped in 2018 during a period of calm in relations between the countries after the loudspeakers were placed near the border and high-volume messages against the totalitarian regime were played.

The decision in Seoul to resume the broadcasts comes after weeks in which Pyongyang launched more than 1,000 balloons containing trash, excrement, and paper waste over the DMZ.

In a press release from the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was stated that "Despite the fact that the action we are taking may be difficult for the North Korean regime, it will convey messages of light and hope to the military and people of North Korea".

North Korea has not yet responded to the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs' announcement, but the move is likely to increase tensions between the two countries.

In 2015, the North Korean military fired at the loudspeakers, which may happen again today. However, another response such as the launch of drones is possible.