New York City Mayor Eric Adams was presented the Jerusalem Award on Sunday at the Arutz Sheva-Israel National News Jerusalem Conference in New York City.

"Many years ago, a quote used to describe Israel's resilience: 'No more! Never again!'" the Mayor said to the crowd.

He recounted: "When I walked in Auschwitz, Krakow, Poland, I kept thinking about 'no more,' it's not a slogan but a way of life, a commitment, dedication. It doesn't matter if it's one year or 50 years, with the thoughts of those who have hatred in their hearts and a desire to kill innocent people. On October 7, we saw people murdered, kidnapped, raped. We need to take the slogan of 'no more' and adapt it to today's slogan, bring them home."

The mayor added: "It needs to be uncompromising and with the same energy. Because 50 years from now, our grandchildren will ask what words did you say? Bring them home, it's a simple sentence that sums it all."