Missile barrage towards Israel
Missile barrage towards IsraelEdi Israel/Flash90

A heavy barrage of rockets was fired early Wednesday afternoon towards Meron, Safsufa, Bar Yochai, Jish, and nearby areas in northern Israel.

Initial reports said that about forty rockets were fired towards the area by terrorists based in Lebanon. According to Lebanese reports, the IDF is now striking Jabal al Baba in southern Lebanon.

Several of the rockets were intercepted, and others fell on Mount Meron, near the homes of residents who were not evacuated.

Magen David Adom (MDA) reported, "At this stage, we have not received reports of injuries."

According to reports, the rockets were fired towards an IAF base in Meron, and antitank missiles were fired at Kiryat Shmona .

The Saudi channel Al-Hadath reported that "80 rockets were fired towards Meron and the Upper Galilee and western Galilee areas."

The barrage on northern Israel follows the Tuesday night elimination of Hussein Makki, a senior member of Hezbollah, and his personal security guard in southern Lebanon.

The two were eliminated after a UAV attacked a car in the city of Tyre.

On Wednesday morning, the IDF confirmed, "Overnight, an IAF aircraft struck and eliminated the terrorist Hussein Ibrahim Makki in the area of Tyre, southern Lebanon. Makki was a senior field commander in the Hezbollah terrorist organization on the southern front, who was responsible for the planning and execution of numerous terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians and territory since the start of the war."

"As part of his role in the Hezbollah terrorist organization, Makki was responsible for various acts of terrorism against the Israeli home front, and he previously served as the commander of Hezbollah's forces in the coastal region."

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