The projections on the Old City walls
The projections on the Old City wallsJerusalem Municipality

The Old City walls and the Chords Bridge in Jerusalem were illuminated this evening (Monday) to mark the 76th Yom Ha'atzmaut (Independence Day) of the State of Israel.

The flag of Israel, the flag of Jerusalem, and fireworks were projected on the wall, alongside the inscription "76 years for the State of Israel". In addition, many buildings were lit in blue and white, including Jerusalem's Great Synagogue, the Supreme Court Bridge, the suspension bridge over the Hinnom Valley, the Rabin Tunnel, and more.

Yom Ha'atzmaut will be marked this year in Jerusalem in the spirit of the period in which Israel finds itself, with a variety of events throughout the city, in community centers and neighborhoods. "The Jerusalem Municipality wishes its residents and all the people of Israel a happy Yom Ha'atzmaut and good tidings," the municipality announced.

The Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lion, stated: "The city of Jerusalem marks 76 years of independence in the spirit of the times. We will celebrate its independence and the establishment of the State of Israel with pride and gratitude to the IDF and security forces, for the resilience and glory of the State of Israel. Together we will pray for the quick return of the hostages from captivity, for the healing of all our wounded, and for the safety of all our soldiers on the front. I wish a warm embrace to the bereaved families. For the glory of the people of Israel!" he concluded, paraphrasing the traditional declaration of the torch-lighting ceremony.