Eden Golan, Israel's entry in the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden, participated in a press conference on Thursday with other contestants.

A Polish journalist asked the 20-year-old Israeli singer if "you ever thought that by being here (at the contest), you bring risk and danger to the other participants and the public."

While Golan was told she did not have to answer the question if she didn't want to, she chose to answer: "I think we're all here for one reason and one reason only. And the EBU is taking all safety precautions to make this a safe and united place for everyone. So I think it's safe for everyone and we wouldn't be here if not."

Many were outraged by the question, which appears to blame Golan for those wanting to harm her.

Former IDF Spokesman Lt. Col. (R) Peter Lerner, commented on the question, comparing it to someone blaming a rape victim for the crime: "Did you ever think that by wearing that provocative dress you may be encouraging……. idiotic questions from second rate journalists."

International Human Rights Lawyer Arsen Ostrovsky commented: "What an obscene question. The only ones who bring danger are the pro-Hamas mob rioting outside and stupid journalists like him, who only pour fuel on the fire and engage in victim blaming."

On Thursday night, Golan advanced to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place on Saturday night.

Golan performed her song “Hurricane”, written by Avi Ohayon, Keren Peles, and Stav Beger, in Thursday’s second semi-final. She was unfazed by the boos that were heard during her performance and received a round of applause when she finished singing.

During the semi-final, one of the participants in the audience waved a Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flag. Security guards immediately removed him from the hall.

Earlier in the day thousands of anti-Israel demonstrators gathered outside the hotel where Golan was staying. The singer's security team told her she was not to leave her room for her safety.