The Iranian missile shot down over the Dead Sea
The Iranian missile shot down over the Dead SeaCourtesy of the photographer

Israelis hiking near Arad on Tuesday night discovered remnants of a giant Iranian missile which was shot down near the Dead Sea two weeks ago.

The missile, fired from Iran, was part of the massive Iranian attack on the Jewish state, carried out in revenge for Israel's strike on an Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria.

The IDF's Home Front Command clarified that they knew the missile's location and that in the coming days, it will be removed from the scene by means of a special helicopter.

Meanwhile, no fencing was put up around the missile, and hikers are able to examine it from up close.

One day after the Iranian attack, a missile which fell on the Dead Sea beach was found, and presented to Israeli and foreign media by an IDF spokesperson.

Lieutenant A., head of the explosives team from the Ammunition Disposal Institute explained that the component which was brought from the Dead Sea for presentation at the base was from the Iranian rocket's fuel tanks.