Residents protesting
Residents protestingYishai Rahamim

Dozens of residents in the eastern Binyamin region protested on Sunday at the entrance to Al-Mughayyir, after the terrorist attack earlier today on the nearby Alon road, in which an IDF reservist was lightly injured.

The residents also hung Israeli flags along the entire length of the outside Al-Mughayyir, where the terrorists hung a PLO flag this morning, that disguised the explosive device.

The residents attacked the incompetence of the security forces and called on the IDF to close off the area and launch a comprehensive military operation to take full control over this village and the nearby villages.

"We stopped cleaning and cooking for the upcoming Passover holiday, and we came here today with a clear statement: we have had enough of the weak security forces," said Yehuda Rahamim, a resident of Kochav Hashahar who participated in the protest. "Today there is absolute lawlessness here. For the past week, we have seen the security forces at every junction, preventing Jewish construction and stopping protests against terrorism, but in the most indignant way, they were not here today to protect the Jewish commuters."

Rahamim added: "Only last week we buried Binyamin Achimeir, the young boy who was murdered a short distance from where the explosives were detonated this morning. For those who have not yet understood, we are at war. This is a war for all intents and purposes against Nazis, who are no different from the Nazis in Gaza. We demand that the security forces close off the villages and launch a comprehensive military operation to take full control over Duma, Al-Mughayyir, and Kfar Malek, from where terrorists recently embarked on terrorist attacks. There is no difference between Al-Mughayyir and Gaza."

"The village from which the terrorists left this morning should look like Khan Yunis after an IDF attack. If the security system does not wake up and make some changes, the result will be harsh and bloody," Rahamim said.

Earlier this morning, Israel Levy, a 25-year-old IDF reservist from the Binyamin region, was lightly wounded, after he tried to remove a booby-trapped PLO flag near the town of Kochav Hashachar.

The attack is what is referred to as a luring attack since the bomb was hidden under the PLO flag and it exploded when the soldier tried to take down the flag.

“I saw a flag on the side of the road. We stopped to take it down, I kicked it – and the flag exploded on me," Levy told Ynet. "This was a large explosive, but luckily I kicked it and it exploded on the side, and not on me. I was injured by a spray on my hands and that's it. The charge was buried in the ground."

He added: "After the explosion, I came to my senses, called the IDF hotline and reported the incident. I was very lightly injured. This did not scare me. We will catch those who did this and ‘tear them apart.’” In response to the question if he will be cautious of flags from now on, he replied: "Certainly, this is a lesson I've learned."