Binyamin Achimeir
Binyamin AchimeirCourtesy of the family

The family of Binyamin Achimeir spoke to Kan News about the quiet boy, who loved people and nature, and who was murdered in the only place where he found peace.

Miriam, Binyamin's mother, remembers that Friday when her son disappeared. "We tried to think the opposite. Instead of spiraling downwards, we pulled ourselves up. I played songs really loudly and we sincerely believed that he was going to walk through the door."

His brother Eliyahu said that, "On Friday around 12:00, a friend called me and said that the owner of the farm asked where Binyamin was, because he had been there earlier, but went out to pasture and didn't came back.”

Eliyahu added: "I know that if a herd comes back without the shepherd, there is a serious problem. He was supposed to call the other farm after he went out to pasture, but he didn't. Already I wasn't optimistic, because I know the situation."

After long hours of searching, "they told me and my brother and father to get together and told us that they found him exactly 200 meters from the farm," Eliyahu said.

His sister Rivka Tamar described Binyamin as being, “full of love." The family spoke of a brave boy who tried to fight the brutal terrorists until his very last moment.