After months of meticulous work on the Mishkan (Tabermacle), inauguration day arrives in this week's parsha (Torah portion).

However, amidst the jubilation, great tragedy strikes as fire descends from the sky, claiming the lives of Nadav (Nadab) and Avihu (Abihu).

In the aftermath, Moshe (Moses) issues a startling command to Aharon (Aaron), Elazar, and Itamar: they are forbidden to mourn.

These commands raise several thought-provoking questions, above all - how are they expected to suppress their natural human emotions and refrain from mourning the deaths of their beloved family members?

Moreover, why does this situation differ from the customary practices observed by kohanim (priests) that should mourn the loss of one of their “seven close relatives??”

Delving deeper into this command, we uncover profound insights relevant to our contemporary challenges and what our nation has been facing the past six months.