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As Pesach approaches, the financial burdens mount, especially for the families of reservists deployed on the battlefield. For over five months, Israel has been embroiled in a fight for its survival against adversaries, with soldiers and reservists risking their lives to protect their fellow citizens.

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Amidst the turmoil of conflict, the mothers, daughters, and wives of these soldiers find themselves thrust into a new reality, marked by uncertainty and danger. Despite the challenges, these courageous women remain steadfast, shouldering the responsibilities of running households and providing support to their families.

However, the toll of war extends beyond the battlefield, with families facing economic hardships and psychological trauma. The absence of loved ones, coupled with the fear and anxiety of potential repercussions, adds to their burden.

Even upon the return of soldiers, the struggle persists as families grapple with the aftermath of combat, including psychological wounds and adjustment difficulties. Yet, amidst these trials, these resilient women persevere, holding their families together and providing unwavering support.

All donations are tax-deductible under 501c3.

Deborah, a soldier's wife who survived a terrorist attack, poignantly captures the sentiment: "Sometimes I feel like everything around me is collapsing. We're living from moment to moment like in a movie, not knowing what will happen next."

In the face of such adversity, these families look to us for support and assistance, especially as Pesach approaches. Your contribution can make a difference in alleviating their hardships and ensuring that they can celebrate the holiday with dignity and peace of mind.

Join us in standing with the brave families of IDF reservist soldiers and their children this Pesach!

All donations are tax-deductible under 501c3.