Netanyahu, Goldknopf, Gafni
Netanyahu, Goldknopf, GafniYonatan Sindel/Flash90, Chaim Twito, Arutz7/Flash 90

The haredi United Torah Judaism party is threatening on Tuesday evening to quit the government if a Draft Law is passed that includes sanctions and quotas.

Sources involved in the negotiations on the Draft Law said Wednesday evening that United Torah Judaism raised the threat of secession and demanded the removal of the threat of economic sanctions and quotas.

A discussion on the Draft Law was supposed to take place today, but due to disagreements and failure to reach understandings, the ministers were informed that the meeting had been postponed to another date.

The deadline to submit the law is tomorrow, since the state has to respond to the High Court of Justice on the petitions filed on the subject.

This evening it was reported that Netanyahu's circle is expected to ask the High Court for an extension of several more days, in order to reach a government agreement.