The mishloach manot
The mishloach manotFJCU

The 'Federation of Jewish Communities in Ukraine' (FJCU) - the umbrella organization uniting 180 communities all over the country, announced on Thursday that it has begun distributing over 1,000 mishloach manot to Jewish soldiers serving in the Ukrainian army and stationed in the districts Donetsk, Lugansk, and Kharkiv - along 1,200 kilometers were there is fighting non stop with the Russians.

This is a complicated project, due to the ban on civilians accessing the front lines, and the challenge of locating all Jewish soldiers around 1200 kilometers. But after a lot of work, mishloach manot were distributed to the soldiers.

Responsible for the distribution is Rabbi Yakov Siniakov, who is funded by the federation for the ongoing activity throughout the year with Jewish soldiers, for the mission of distributing the mishloach manot at all points, he is assisted by eight volunteers who are divided into pairs and move around the region.

In addition to the distribution of the mishloach manot, which includes a Megillah with Ukrainian translation, hamantashen, chocolates, snacks and mini cookies, and even a special line of locally produced vodka for the holiday of Purim.

The Megillah will be read to the soldiers at several locations at the front lines.

At the same time, in addition to distributing mishloach manot to the soldiers, last week the federation finished distributing 40,000 parcels to the 180 Jewish communities all over the country. In the main cities, the distribution of the mishloach manot was carried out in cooperation with the local Chabad emissaries who serve as the rabbis of the cities, and in smaller villages, the mishloach manot were brought to the synagogues or community centers and distributed by volunteers to the Jews living there.

Also, the emissaries with the federation's support will carry out the order of the Lubavitch Rebbe to publicize the Purim miracle all over and read the Megillah in up to 60 cities and towns in Ukraine.

Many Megillah readings will be held not only in the cities where the emissaries live, but also in nearby cities where there are large Jewish communities, all this to bring the mitzvot of the Purim, and the joy of Purim, to as many Jews as possible.

The chairman of the federation, Rabbi Meir Stambler, says: "In recent months, the bombings of Ukrainian cities have increased, but despite this, we are here for every Jew throughout Ukraine - in an effort to bring them the joy of the Purim together with everyone wherever they are. We pray that even before Purim, we will be able to celebrate the Purim miracle of our generation - with freedom".