Yair Golan, the former Meretz member turned candidate for Labor Party chairman, is launching a campaign to create a broad political framework in the liberal-democratic camp: 'The Democrats."

In a video posted to his social media accounts, the former IDF Deputy Chief of Staff launched the initiative.

"This is the time for unification. We need to collect what there is, together with the glorious traditions of the Labor and Meretz movements, the energy and commitment of the protest movement, and the activists from the civilian public, and build a new political movement that will reflect the spirit of the free Israel, the democratic Israel, the tolerant and stately Israel. I am committed to creating this framework and will make it happen immediately after being elected as Labor Chairman," he stated.

"The Democrats is a broad political framework that would combine the old parties with new forces from the civilian public and the democratic protest movement. We will unite and lead the liberal-democratic camp in Israel, with the goal of returning it to the path of growth and hope, based on the values embodied in the Declaration of Independence.

"The government that led us to the worst disaster in Israel's history continues to lead us on a dead-end road - from a security disaster and a financial crisis, an unprecedented diplomatic catastrophe and social crisis. The lack of a moral compass led parts of the 'change camp' to turn into a fig leaf for the worst government in the state's history," Golan added.

"In the past year, we've seen that Israel has a large and determined liberal public. It needs brave political leadership that knows how to unite and not divide and knows how to fight for democratic values and to put the country's good over narrow personal and party interests. I intend to lead the creation of this broad front, together with partners from parties, protest movements, and the civilian public. Together, we will create a broad democratic party that wants a strong and free Israel, that will offer an alternative to the corrupt and messianic rule that has led Israel to the abyss," he concluded.